Semi-rigid styrofoam plate for insulating ceilings in single or composite roofs, walls, skirts and interior ceilings.

We have a professional laboratory and qualified personnel that allow us to provide added value to our materials, generating analysis and tests of high performance and resistance. Complying with ISO 9001: 2015, ISTA and ASTM or corporate specifications.


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Metal constructions

Insulation of ceilings and walls for metal structures. Available in different thicknesses, straight edge with pale wood paneling.

Tanks and pipes

Insulation of pipes and tanks of better performance at low temperatures.

Cold room

It is used in prefabricated cold rooms, as well as in the production of freezers. Improves the useful life of your equipment.


Great substitute for plasterboard or cement. Excellent dimensional stability with paint adhesion, tile adhesives, and paint finishes. High thermal value compared to fiberglass.

Isolation transport

Excellent option for transporting thermal insulation. Ideal for dry and refrigerated containers, since they do not absorb moisture and heat.

Green housing

Excellent option for thermal insulation of eco-housing with a. R value 5 by 1 ”thick.

Green roofs

Best performing extruded polystyrene panels for thermal insulation of roofs and terraces in gardens.

Aesthetic applications

Excellent adhesion paste, with plaster and concrete mortar finishes. It can be coated with solvent-free adhesive for any decoration or hygienic finish.

Weight resistance

Ideal for industrial and insulated environments under concrete.

No absorption

Our materials have zero liquid absorption.

Heat resistance

Our materials do not let the flames of the fire spread.

Industrial environments

Our products serve both the construction industry and other types of industries such as poultry and pigs.