• Metal buildings
  • Tanks and pipes
  • Coldroom
  • Drywall
  • Auto shipping
  • Green housing
  • Green roofs
  • Aesthetic applications

Ceiling and wall insulation for metal structures. Available in different thicknesses, straight edge with pale-wood wainscoting.

Pipe and tank insulation of  best performing under low temperatures.

It is used in prefabricated cold chambers, as well as in the production of freezers. Equipment improvement in its useful life.

It is a great substitute for plaster or cement planks. Excellent dimensional stability with the adhesion of paints, adhesives for tiles and paint finishes. High thermal value compared to fiberglass.

Excellent choice for transporting heat insulation. Ideal for dry and refrigerated containers, since they do not absorb moisture and heat.

Excellent choice for eco-housing thermal insulation with an. R value of 5 per 1” thickness.

Polystyrene extruded panels with better performance for thermal insulation of roofs and terraces in gardens.

Excellent adhesion paste, with concrete plaster and mortar finishes. It can be coated with adhesive free of solvents for any decor or hygienic finish.